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student testimonials

“I have been singing with Jo since July 2013 and as a result have experienced the most expansive, positive change in my voice to date. I had worked with other highly talented voice teachers in the past, and Jo’s talent is second to none; though what I believe makes Jo most outstanding is her compassionate, holistic approach to learning. Without Jo’s guidance I would never have been prepared nor confident enough to overcome my fear and audition for Musical Theatre courses in November of 2013.  Jo respects that there is far more to the voice than simply the musical and physiological components and addresses singing in an integrative, dynamic way. A divine balance of talent, intelligence, humanity and passion; I could not recommend Jo highly enough." A.V.N.



"Highly recommended! Singing lessons with Jo have been a real highlight for me as an adult learner. As a teacher she is student-focussed and always patient, interested and perceptive. She is generous with her knowledge and experience. Taking lessons with Jo has helped me develop my voice and realize some of my musical aspirations, as well as helped me realize how fun and joyful singing can be! I feel that singing and music are now a greater part of my life as a result of my positive experiences at The Naked Voice." J.G.